bowl of random words 1

Use these words in a poem:






Post your poem in the comments.


10 thoughts on “bowl of random words 1

  1. I watch with surprise
    The determined snail
    Through the powdery snow
    Weaves a golden trail.
    Past the gargoyle water spout
    Knowing there’s no way out.

    You can tell I am new to writing poetry. Just for grins I want to try.

  2. indifferent
    the gargoyle sits.
    long has it been
    since the snail
    would weave tales of gold.
    an empty snow-covered shell
    all that remains
    in his stony ear.

  3. Fable by Herald Ahrt –

    I once knew a boy,
    He had all types of dreams.
    And when he woke, like a snail,
    He snugged back under sheets.

    When winter came and snow did fall,
    He dreamt of gargoyle, which made him sprawl.
    At night no heed,
    His mind did weave,
    All tales of gold and glee.

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  5. A grimacing gargoyle glares down upon
    a snail laboriously making its way
    through the snow.
    And the setting sun, low in the sky,
    turns to gold the gossamer threads
    of a web which a spider does industriously weave.

  6. A beast lived in castle enchanted,
    one side filled with gold,
    the other side worn from snow.
    I watched the snail weave,
    a shimmering trail
    on the petal of a single rose.
    I should not have picked the rose.
    It made the gargoyle weep.

  7. Home
    A magical web the lone spider does weave
    Shining gold in the sun, from wall to eave
    Home for a time, lustrous bait for the prey,
    Place for repose, laying in wait for a stray.
    An abode very fleeting, lost after its use
    Work of art indeed, or a diabolical ruse?
    Snail in the grass, even a bear in the snow
    Home as a haven is all one would know
    Grin of a gargoyle to the corner of a gable,
    Always on the move, slow but very able
    O conning predator, predestined to roam!
    What indeed would you call home?!!

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