bowl of random words 2

Use these random words in a poem.






Post your poem in the comments.


8 thoughts on “bowl of random words 2

  1. Nature by Herald Ahrt –

    In a world not so clear,
    There is a simple symbol we need to adhere.
    When sparrow sits on a tree top high,
    Look beneath her feet,
    There is food close by.
    And when she is out on winter day,
    Keep eyes open for mincing prey.
    Far out by the waterfall,
    See how she pecks – bugs, creeps and crawls.
    Wise old sparrow she is but one,
    The heart of a nation, of my small garden.

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  3. waterfall – symbol of garden desirability,
    sparrow sips nervously whilst wise old owl
    watches from yonder stark winter tree.

  4. It is a cold Winter in Scweinfurt.
    Sparrows away.
    Wise to sesen the symbols.
    The waterfall is frozen.

  5. Three sisters of wise,
    share but one eye.
    A symbol knowledge and of other’s demise.
    Listen for the sparrow, the eagle, the owl,
    “Clickity clack please head not their lies!
    For the waterfall flows and trickles and dies,
    The cold air will tell you as it rushes on by,
    ‘And so will the winter still suck their bones dry.'”

  6. To each his own…

    Sparrow flew away from the sun, her back turned to the light.
    Seeking adventure, of a “cooler kind”, flew with all her might.
    Land of winter came quickly upon her, catching by surprise
    Huddled in the bone chilling cold, sad tears filled her eyes.
    Snow Owl perched on a high tree branch, wise and nonchalant
    Saw her plight and predicament, and tried to be gallant.
    “Whence you travel strange flier? Why do you suffer so?’
    Crystal ice glittering everywhere, the ground a bed of soft snow.
    His world was a symbol of perfection, in the eyes of the lofty latter
    So to be sorrowful like the sparrow was an inexplicable matter!!
    “Why?! You ask me, Sir, indeed, when my veins are filled with ice!
    For my thanklessness at home I am paying such a heavy price
    Sunshine and green grass, blue skies and the waterfall
    For this freezing hell instead, I turned my back on them all”
    Sparrow gathered strength again to make a homebound flight
    All she wanted now was to leave the cold land of icy white.
    Snow owl hooted disapproval and flew away in disgust.
    A critic of the world he loved, he cared for less than dust.
    “What waterfall?” thought Snow owl, “this indeed is paradise!”
    Asinine indeed! She had less sense than even the mice!!!

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