bowl of random words 4

Use these random words in a poem.






Post your poem in the comments.


10 thoughts on “bowl of random words 4

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  2. in our secret place on a sultry afteroon,
    we nibble delicate delights,
    sip drinks of nectar, swim and
    dissolve into delighted laughter –
    pleased with ourselves and our hidden world

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  5. Swim, little seal,
    in afternoon,
    and watch the foam dissolve,
    the secret kept inside my room,
    a delicate pelt…I shall don it soon!
    I shall join you soon enough.

  6. swimming in the late afternoon
    a secret delicacy of hers
    circular sunglasses, black with the catty rims
    slipping down a mountainous nose
    shielding her poise
    for she was not so pretty to most
    but looks dissolve
    after a while

  7. Afternoon adventures,
    Swims in secret water holes,
    Delicate water,
    My fears dissolve like salt.

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