bowl of random words 5

Use these random words in a poem.






Post your poem in the comments.


15 thoughts on “bowl of random words 5

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  2. And What Is Truth, Sugar-Chile?

    your truth might trickle to the ground

    gather in a pool


    you dance for the gods

    but there are no gods

    your grace is lost

    in the swirl of events

    a handful of gold

    cast to the winds

    what makes you

    truly you

    is invisible to most

    only I can see

    I , your mere humble servant,

    I don’t exist

    I’m nothing

    but a whisper

    a moment

    a shrug

    picking your way

    you step on a twig


    and you look up

    with great big eyes

    in fear of

    something springing out

    and bearing

    down upon you

    here in the woods

    with no one


    (Greg Cameron, Poem, November, 2010, Surrey, B.C., Canada – composed on the spot at a library terminal – sorry for any infelicities….)

  3. a trickle of icy water drips from a bare twig –
    a blue tit performs acrobatics with grace
    and an invisible animal rustles in the bushes –
    these are my truth.

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  5. Glide o lonely demoiselle,
    as the twig snaps,
    Yes, the truth is but a trickle
    of tears upon your cheek.
    And as that constant grace
    fell – from your lovely face.
    These invisible ties I made to last forever.

  6. Gray skies hold strong against the grace of the sun

    Nowhere shall it open up to shine

    Rain begins to trickle down and everything seems lost

    The invisible truth of the sun is lost and never found

    We will look and we will not find

    For it may not be ours to know

    Reality is a twig about to be broken

    We will may never find that sun

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  8. What if the truth was spun into the water
    And it weaved it’s way into the morning dew
    And as you lay there in your now damp jeans
    You could feel it

    What if when it rained, the truth would trickle
    Down the sides of your house and sink into the grass
    In your backyard and you would watch from your window
    For fear of getting drenched

    What if we sat together on your porch steps, damp from the truth
    Snapping twigs for no reason other than mindless destruction
    Our laughter would dance on the wind with grace
    This is why you love autumn

    What if you told me to stop dreaming about tiny miracles
    Because the truth isn’t in the dew or the rain or your porch
    The truth is invisible and dreaming otherwise doesn’t change it
    But thats what makes it even more amazing, I’d say

    And the truth would tug your lips, wet from your water bottle, into a smile

  9. A twig snaps under your weight as you run, you press into this place, hoping for truth, yearning for grace, your invisible tears trickle down your face, you are hopelessly lost, you awaken.

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