bowl of random words 7

Use these words in a poem






Post your poem in the comments.


9 thoughts on “bowl of random words 7

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  2. Grief

    Sealing letters at night
    The wax runs down my hand and
    onto the paper. Stamp it with a
    and smile. Acceptance.

    kind of cheating with the title. but it works. 🙂

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  4. while the moon doth wax and wane

    I read your letters at night

    and accept this grief and pain

  5. You seal my letters with your wax kiss
    The crinkling of yellowing paper is almost more than I can stand
    But what else should I expect from you?
    You can’t accept words you don’t understand
    A laugh escapes your lips but it’s dry and drags painfully across my ears
    My eyes hold the grief that I try so desperately to confine
    I guess I don’t understand you either
    You are wax lips and I am lying eyes
    But wind favors none this night

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