bowl of random words 8

Use these words in a poem.






Post your poem in the comments.


7 thoughts on “bowl of random words 8

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  2. At dusk the fog came down
    blanketing the house,
    muffling all sound.
    At midnight she shed her flimsy clothes of gauze
    and tiptoed into his bed.

  3. Electric seductress,
    clad in no clothes
    but the delicate gauze of dusk,
    I hold your body close to mine
    and whisper secrets
    of the mad moon and midnight fog.

  4. I am intimate with gauze, and tears

    I wear the clothes, of white cotton

    In the dark of midnight i am vigilent

    My life is a fog, i awake in the day

    And leave at dusk to care for those

    Who cannot do for themselves

    I am a nurse

  5. When the golden of dust melts into dark
    And the wet fog seeps into the night
    Saturating the clothes of the wanderers
    Thick, like dark blood into gauze
    Keep out, keep out, when the clock strikes midnight

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