bowl of random words 9

Use these words in a poem.






Post your poem in the comments.


8 thoughts on “bowl of random words 9

  1. Shelter sought the tiny dove
    its shadowed hands linger
    inviting its fretful flight.

    Outstretched from the pines
    it’s whispers unravel
    the fight is over.

  2. a single dove mourns
    in this shelter she lingers

    her faith unravels

    high in the pines a shrill screech
    the red-tail

  3. As my thoughts unravel
    My heart lingers on your face
    The memory of you in rest
    beneath the shelter of pines
    A dove watching on the crest

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  5. Amongst the sweet smelling pines I linger,
    reflecting upon my life, trying to unravel a knotty problem.
    A storm breaks overhead, but not as fiercely as the one raging in my heart.
    As I shelter, a dove softly coos, the storm abates and my heart calms –
    I now know what to do.

  6. Last night I dove into a different world.
    The forest was my shelter, far removed from the city.
    It was a world where animals could linger, rather than flee.
    The winds unraveled the forest,
    carrying a scent of the pines.

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