bowl of random words 10

Uses these words in a poem:






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4 thoughts on “bowl of random words 10

  1. iron mysteries
    in bat-filled caves

    rise in the evening sky
    a self-luminous / vesper

    a hare in summer grass

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  3. The vesper calls to prayers –
    a hare startles in the graveyard.
    Down by the sea, in a dank dark cave,
    men explore the mysteries of iron age paintings.

  4. I dart as a hare into your cave
    a most narrow coldness it is
    but, ah, your darkness is
    a second home to me
    while you hook one leg
    behind the other,
    tilt your lovely head back
    with a curl of the lip,
    and enjoy a sip of
    a vesper
    I remain the darkness,
    sounding vespers to
    an imaginary god –
    but you’ll do
    you indulge me with a smile
    you think you scare me, dear girl?
    you’ll have to try harder
    I’ve seen things
    that’d send you scurrying
    to tall grasses
    it’s a world of predators,
    claws sinking into soft undersides
    but I’m not soft anymore
    my soul is of iron
    I stand here, feet braced
    for any impact
    because, you see,
    I like the darkness
    I’m here to stay
    and it’s up to you
    should you care to shed
    a little light….

    (Greg Cameron, Poem, March, 2012, Surrey, B.C., Canada – an on-the-spot improvisation)

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