bowl of random words 11





Use these random words in a poem:  







Post your poem in the comments.   


8 thoughts on “bowl of random words 11

  1. hoarse

    sign of yellow
    construction paper

    and her favorite
    colored markers

    searching for kitty
    she lost her voice

    the wind chimes
    softly cry on the porch

  2. we sign off on our daily lives simply,
    without search for the deeper beauties of existence.
    yet they chime for us with such pronounced clarity,
    the voices of sublimity are as thin as paper whispers.

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  4. As the voice commands me to sign the paper,
    chimes ring out and I search my heart –
    Should I take this irreversible step?

  5. It was a hand-made sign
    on a stained piece of paper

    I walked towards it
    A voice in my head said,
    “Don’t read it.”

    I didn’t listen.
    I read the sign
    Scribbled in almost illegible writing
    was the word “help”
    and a local phone number.
    A voice in my head shouted,
    “Run, it doesn’t concern you.”

    I walked to the pay phone and called the number
    The ringing stopped but no-one said “Hello.”
    I tried to speak but couldn’t find my voice
    Chimes rang out in the distance.
    I took them as a warning and ran home.

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