bowl of random words 12

Use these words in a poem.






Post your poem in the comments.


9 thoughts on “bowl of random words 12

  1. bruised

    hanging on the newel post
    a broken harness

    I left a note for you
    on the door

    if you ring the doctor
    he will inform you

    they cleaned the center
    of my wounded ego

    at least
    the horse wasn’t hurt

  2. carousel

    the least of us
    in its center

    note from mother
    folded & tucked
    in tiny pocket

    too small to handle
    a harness she

    grabbed the brass ring

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  4. a flame, ready to drop
    to the center of a lead-lined stomach,
    hangs like a note,
    strung on a tattered harness

    like wine over a ledge of glass,
    it falls, readied to spill
    as fire
    through the rings of the esophagus

    “never take
    the least
    you can handle”
    he whispers

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  6. even the least bit of happiness
    dangles above the center of our lives
    like a note strung on a tattered harness
    ringing with tantalizing bliss

  7. Clutching the note in my hand
    I hear the phone ring at the center –
    I harness my emotions,
    if I fail, at least I have tried.

  8. The ring slips on your finger
    I have harnessed the power of love
    Infatuation takes over me
    But the ring breaks
    The center of my being turns evil
    The note you left made me mad
    Oh so mad
    But that’s the least of my worries
    Im coming after you, my darling
    My pretty one
    Don’t be afraid
    Everyone has to die

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