a bowl of random words 13

Use these words in a poem.






Post your poems in the comments.


7 thoughts on “a bowl of random words 13

  1. It feels like summer!
    The air so warm around me
    My soul bathes in the beauty
    My spirit plunges from the cliff
    Sitting at the kitchen table
    I feel winter doldrums flee.

  2. off cliffs of kitchen tables,
    we plunge into the depths of summer,
    where souls shed the weight of winter
    and flee its deathly lack of color

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  4. Last summer we were happy on the
    table-top cliff –
    now my broken heart and soul only
    long to flee this pain.

  5. EAT

    it is the hottest of summers

    I’ve never felt anything like it

    you would throw off

    all your clothes

    flee from God knows what

    hurl yourself from a cliff

    – but let’s not be hasty, my dear

    there’s time and enough

    for everything

    and I always have time

    for you

    relax, my precious

    take a load off your mind

    you are here

    body and soul

    you breathe the same air

    I breathe

    may I put my hands

    upon your shoulders

    as you contemplate

    the meal on the table

    before you?

    (Greg Cameron, Poem, May, 2011, Surrey, B.C., Canada – this is a quickie improvisation at a library computer terminal – if you find anything to enjoy here, enjoy….)

  6. A Bowl of Random Words #13

    Cee Lewars May 16, 2011

    A girl
    Sitting at a table
    Looking at pictures–
    pictures spread in no specific pattern.

    A girl
    Wearing an expression of neither pain nor pleasure
    Feeling that she may be standing on the edge–
    the edge of a cliff; a precipice.

    A girl
    Looking at all that surrounds her
    Taking in all of of the treasures that she owns
    summing up her past and looking towards her future.

    Her home seems warm and her possessions seem pleasant,
    but she knows that they are not nourishing her soul.
    She has a feeling of one who is trapped in a mason jar.
    She feels that fleeing could be the solution to her problems.

    Her soul is yearning for the days of summer.
    She is growing tired of the coldness of winter.

    The window is open.

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