bowl of random words 15

Use these words in a poem.
Post your poem in the comments.


3 thoughts on “bowl of random words 15

  1. like catherine

    on the heath / she
    wanders / stuck some-
    where in a past moon phase

    she collects grape-
    vines that twist / tendrils
    that entwine her fingers

    she leaves creeping stems
    on graves / she mourns
    the too-early

  2. when grown-ups say,
    “don’t worry –
    all children, like you,
    pass through these
    kinds of phases…”,
    they don’t think
    of the graves
    that lay entwined
    in heath;
    graves that only
    dawn recalls
    with each passing day.

  3. outside, ghostly graves lie silent
    and cold winds blow across the heath
    at dawn we wake and our bodies entwine –
    is this just a phase or is it for keeps?

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