bowl of random words 16

Use these words in a poem.
Post your poem in the comments.


15 thoughts on “bowl of random words 16

  1. hide underneath
    the shade of lilies


    (forgive us



    through heartache

  2. a grasshopper leaps from a soaken branch only to
    slip from the dewy tresses of a puddled leaf
    while smoke pillows and lofts quietly into the air
    edging around raindrops and bending
    to sudden gusts of impetuous wind
    even the clouds cannot obscure the beauty
    in sun hidden, soaken days
    although the sky forgives the clouds
    for masking its infinite glory

  3. You can hide in the tall greens like the grasshopper, but fail not to understand that the smoke will force you out of your comfort. You cannot slip away so easily. Forgive yourself, grasshopper. Come out from your hiding and relish the smoke of new life.

  4. hide forgive grasshopper slip smoke

    Slip into this knotted hole, little grasshopper.
    until the chimney is clean
    the smoke is gone
    and I can forgive myself
    for those words blackening
    beneath you.

  5. I can’t hide anymore
    please forgive me
    I never meant you
    any harm
    the wind whistles a sad goodbye
    the clouds rush in
    to draw the curtain
    I have spent my life fleeing
    I’m tired
    I don’t want to run
    I am a fly
    a spider
    an ant
    a grasshopper
    swat me
    crush me with that
    I love so
    I wish I could hold on forever
    please take mine now
    seize this moment
    it might all slip away
    before you know it
    everything gone
    in a puff of smoke
    a mere blip
    and no one will
    remember anything

    (Greg Cameron, Poem, Surrey, B.C., Canada, July, 2010)

  6. Hide me, grasshopper said,
    and folded his wings where they go.
    I would slip through winter,
    not into it.
    That is your woe.

    I cannot hide you.
    Ashes to ashes,
    smoke to smoke,
    spook to spook.
    It is my woe.
    Forgive me.

  7. Smoke curls up from autumn bonfire
    where grasshopper does unwisely hide
    and frogs slip and slide –
    forgive me.

  8. I shall hide my feelings
    Until you forgive my many blunders
    For I’m fragile as a grasshopper
    And you’re a destructive child
    Please don’t come near me with the magnifying glass
    Or let me slip under your foot if I come too close.


  9. Forgive me,
    I told the grasshopper,
    who had been an old man,
    but I feel I must hide here
    with you in the grass, as I
    have been an old man,
    once upon a time, my strong teeth
    and stained with smoke.

    If, as I believe, the end times
    are near, let’s slip
    quietly into the hemlock forest.

  10. To be a grasshopper you never were
    to hide, camouflage, duck and prey.
    to jump up high, to almost fly, be free,
    is rather difficult, I must say.

    Where could their heavy baggages go?
    Did it slip out of their minds? we’ll never know.

    To forgive never ever means, to forget.
    Hurtful memories could never go up in smoke.

  11. Oh it’s summertime!
    The grass is green and deep
    As it carpets the fields
    A grasshopper and bugs of all sorts
    Hide in the tall blades of grass and lovely flowers.
    The evening will soon slip by
    As the smoke of outside grills slowly die…
    I must forgive the evening as it leaves much too soon
    On this lovely sweet summer adventure!

  12. I watch the smoke soar from my mouth disintegrating into the air

    I close my eyes and again I inhale the cigarette

    Except this time when the smoke gently slides past my teeth & through my lips I picture myself floating away

    I imagine disappearing into thin air

    Every night I do this, it has become a ritual

    And every night I watch the grasshoppers slip into the stillness of the night
    Hiding themselves from me

    I become envious

    Why can’t I just disappear?
    From everything, from everyone
    Even if just for a moment

    Until I find the answer I will continue to apologize to myself for who I’ve become

    And maybe one day I will be able to forgive myself

  13. The bellowing beast released a final smokey call of death,
    darkening the milky white pools of innocence with a final carbon breath.
    Begging for the grasshopper to forgive the generations of toxic fumes,
    carrying the white soft ash snowing over their tiny tombs.

    The gentle grasshopper slipped into an ash hidden grave,
    praying the world wouldn’t surcumb to the same ashy wave.

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