bowl of random words 17

Use these words in a poem.

Post your poem in the comments.


10 thoughts on “bowl of random words 17

  1. oh, I’m so glad the bowl is back!!
    happy new year! 🙂

    (will have to work on a poem. hmmmm.)

    • 559

      unaccompanied she waves
      (a spirit among trees)
      an amazement of light
      of sound of motion
      (a hidden spring of faith)


    Click on the above link to see the photos that went with this poem.

    by Margaret Bednar

    Piglets, a wave upon the straw
    Pink little bodies undulating about
    falling, rippling, their squeals rising in pitch
    Amazement radiates as quivering little bodies
    Explore the springtime at Pond Hill Farm
    The warm shore, their mother’s belly
    They snuggle, protected, like round little beach balls
    Their spirit flourishing, tummies content
    Full of faith that life will always be a safe harbor

  3. Return to the Water

    your spirit rises and falls

    as the wave

    comes up short

    on the sand

    your spirit is entangled

    in the seaweed

    your amazement drowned

    in the chatter of children

    the water would pull

    you under

    the mountain sees

    its own face

    a seagull spins

    out of control

    a dog vexes

    a tiny crap

    the sun smears

    upon the surface

    the wind casts light ripples

    the sky has no answers

    it just spreads its blanket

    covering all

    you have faith

    -rather touching

    in its way –

    there will be

    another day

    a faith that is


    my friend

    completely unjustified….

    (Greg Cameron, Poem/Improvisation, January, 2011, Surrey, B.C., Canada)

  4. I gaze in amazement
    this cool spring day
    as my beautiful boy child
    with unerring faith and spirit
    rides the wave with absolute delight.

  5. A warm wave from a calm spirit,
    A kiss of faith on a wet cheek,
    As I see you walk away into the cool Spring air
    You leave me in amazement, without you I am weak.

  6. faith springs eternal like the promise a wave makes the shore with each kiss; its spirit ripples amazement

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